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Workforce Assessment & Analysis


When an executive leadership team discovers a bullying and incivility problem, they either ignore it or try to address it themselves.

In both cases, they typically fail. Why is that?

“Before one can truly solve a problem, one must first take time to fully understand it.”  – Renee Thompson

At the Healthy Workplace Institute, we equip executives and leadership teams to address common workplace challenges and improve the health of their organization.

We begin by identifying and fully understanding both the strengths and shortcomings of the organization. Through our Workforce Assessment and Analysis, we conduct stakeholder focus groups, staff and leadership interviews, selective surveys, and review existing procedure and best practices to take the pulse of your organization.

Once the assessment is complete we will provide a comprehensive report pinpointing key areas of concern with proven recommended next steps to improve the workforce culture.

As is the case in patient care, self-diagnosis can be fatal.

The Healthy Workforce team is standing by to identify what’s really happening within your organization and help you prioritize the action steps needed to move beyond the problems and create a healthy workplace culture.

Healthy Workforce Initiative

We can’t afford to ignore the negative impact disruptive behaviors have on financial health of our organizations, the physical and emotional health of our employees, and ultimately the health of the patients we serve.

An intervention is required to create a healthy, professional, and supportive work environment and reduce incidents of workplace bullying and incivility. This 1-year program is designed for organizations that want to do it right the first time and set the foundation required to change their culture. Starting with establishing a Healthy Workforce Committee, this option is designed to hardwire, scale, and sustains healthy workforce principles across the organization.

Through onsite and virtual collaboration, this program is designed to create a healthy, professional, and supportive work environment and reduce incidents of workplace bullying and incivility using the following proven approach:

  1. Strengthen Organizational Infrastructure through interdisciplinary oversight, policy and process augmentation, and continuous education and training through robust curriculum.
  2. Equip Front Line Leaders through skill development, ongoing leadership development, and HR support.
  3. Empower Employees through ongoing education and training and active involvement.

Let us help you like we’ve helped other organizations cultivate a professional, supportive, and nurturing work culture that rejects any incidents of disruptive behaviors!

Thank you!

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