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    Nurses perform heroic acts every day; yet when nurses are called “heroes”, they often downplay such compliments because they are just “doing their jobs.”

    As with all heroes, there is always a villain who tries to take away the hero’s powers: Superman had Lex Luther, and poor Perseus had to fight Medusa! Like ancient Greek and modern-day super heroes, nurses also have their villains: ignorance, the judgments of others, and the scourge of bullying are a few of the villains that sap nurses of their heroic capacity.

    The good news is that, like all heroes, there are behaviors that STRENGTHEN nurses’ heroic powers and enable them to succeed: knowledge, compassion, a positive attitude, and moral courage can all transform nurses into truly successful and effective heroes.

    This keynote presentation is designed to provide inspiration and practical strategies to help nurses become more heroic in their practice and to believe that what they do makes a difference.



    Nurses choose their profession because they want to deliver compassionate and effective patient care. Then they discover the ugly in nursing: nurses can be horrific to each other.

    Workplace bullying is a problem. It’s pervasive, destructive, and negatively impacts individuals, the nursing profession, the workplace, and ultimately the patients. One reason bullying has continued to thrive is because we haven’t learned how to address the behavior in our work environment. We often turn the other cheek, thus perpetuating the problem.

    This keynote presentation is designed to provide nurses and their leaders simple strategies to address and finally eliminate bullying behavior in the workplace.

    Armed with simple strategies and a dose of moral courage, your audience will acquire the tools they need to finally stop the cycle of bullying.



    Imagine a world where everyone got along and went out of their way to support each other. Where resources were abundant and patients and their families were always happy and satisfied.

    Wouldn’t it be a joy to work in a world like that?

    The reality is that nurses work in unpredictable worlds where we don’t always support each other, have the necessary resources, and struggle to meet the increasing needs of patients. Ultimately, these struggles lead to stress and over time, stress leads to fatigue, burnout, and exhaustion.

    Nurses sacrifice their time and energy for patients and have nothing left for their families.

    The good news is that despite the increasing demands, nurses CAN thrive. This keynote presentation provides nurses with simple proven strategies to flip the switch from exhausted to extraordinary!


‘Renee exceeded all expectations for our events!  She provides a professional, down to earth, real life presentation that is humorous and entertaining, and provides a host of resources and suggestions for participants.” ~Kris Rimbos, MS, CNS, RNC-OB, C-EFM, Clinical Manager, Good Samaritan Medical Center


“Thank you so much for the moving keynote address. Everyone was still talking about graduation the next day. I believe it was the most successful graduation ceremony we have had”~ Robin R. Weaver, PhD, RN, C.N. E., Director, School of Nursing Ohio Valley General Hospital


“We are still reeling in the after effects of an uplifting Nurse Week Celebration here. Your presentation was inspiring and fun – My whole team loved the messaging.  So many practical points made, they bear repeating over and over because to your point we don’t often stop to take toll of the good work we provide and the reasons for celebrating our work all year round!” ~Linda Talley, MS, BSN, RN, NE- BC, VP & CNO Children’s National


“Many of the attendees felt your presentation was one of the best that we have offered. During your presentation, I was amazed at how you were able to get the audience to open up and talk about their experiences. I truly believe that the information you provided will help the attendees change the way the handle this type of behavior in the workplace.” ~ Rachelle Williams, MSN, RN, CNOR, Chapter President, AORN Pittsburgh


“Renee inspires me to inspire others. Life changing experience! Not just for me as a nurse but for me as a human being. You cannot not love Renee!” ~Jennifer Shepley, MSN, RN


“Renee was an extraordinary motivational speaker for the nursing profession”_Judith R. Bozek,RN,BSN,CNOR,RNFA, ValleyCare Health System of Ohio


“Excellent and motivational! This speech will empower me to change my practice.”– Suzanne Quinn


“You are great Renee, loved your presentation. You made my day, month and year.  Keep sharing your knowledge and inspiration to everyone, we need it.” Jennifer Starling, UF Health Shands Oncology


“Renee’s talk was inspiring and uplifting. She taught me to take pride in being a nurse and to respect other nurses in different roles as well.”


“Renee was my favorite speaker of the entire event! Every nurse should hear her presentation.”


“I think all nurses should listen to Renee. She brings us back to what is important.”


“Best presentation of the whole conference! Renee was engaging and funny. I would listen to anything she ever speaks on.”


“An excellent way to end the conference. Lots of laughter and useful tools to use in my workplace.”


“Excellent presentation. She was so at ease with speaking and providing us with ways to reduce stress and handle tough situations. It was a fun presentation. She was motivational, kept your attention, used real situations, and made us enjoy!”


“FANTASTIC!!! What a presentation! She should have been the presenter for all the sessions! She held my attention, had me laughing, and enjoying myself. It was the last presentation of the conference for me, and it was a great note to end on!”


“LOVED this presentation. This was the highlight of the conference for me. Renee was the best speaker by far at the conference. She left me feeling better, hopeful, and inspired. I highly recommend this for all nurses and will share the info with my fellow nurses.”


“Renee Thompson was wonderful. I left feeling like I personally could change the attitude of the world.”


“Reinforces professionalism as nurses. Makes you feel good, a real hero. Very positive presentation.”

Thank you!

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