“Do No Harm” Applies To Nurses Too!


“Your book was wonderful! I oscillate between so many emotions but mostly feel like I am on my own– like I am the only nurse at my hospital going through this. Your book helped me see past that tiny box of hopelessness I felt trapped in and gave me simple strategies to take action!”

– Ernestine Ballard, RN

Strategies to Protect and Bully-proof Yourself at Work

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Ask any nurse if he or she has heard the phrase, “Nurses eat their young,” and you’ll get nods of sad recognition. Nurses choose their profession to deliver compassionate and effective patient care, and then they discover the ugly in nursing: nurses can be horrific to each other.

Finally, here is a book to guide nurses along a new path. Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CMSRN, a nurse with extensive experience in direct patient care, management, and nurse education across healthcare venues, tackles the dirty secret that has plagued nursing for years.

You’ll learn:

  • •How to respond to the two types of bully behavior: overt and covert
  • •What to do to make yourself less attractive to bullies
  • •Specific manageable steps to stop the bullying
  • •Sample responses to common bully attacks in nursing
  • •What to do if you’ve tried everything without success




Nurses around the world are saying…

“If was not for you and your book, “Do No Harm”  I would not gotten through 2 years working at my hospital.”

-Name Protected


“Your book has helped me so much lately PERSONALLY.   I’ve had some recent interactions with a bully boss at my new day job.  I followed much of the advice from your book, and it has actually CHANGED her behavior toward me… for the better!!!  I keep your book on my desk and look at it every time I feel like I want to cry.”

-Name Protected


“This book was incredible and chock full of valuable and helpful information. I used it as a resource for a term paper in nursing school and came away with information and facts i could readily apply to my work situation. It gives you concrete ways to help change yourself and prevent burnout. Truly a must for not only new nurses but those who have been practicing awhile and perhaps have become one of those nurses who “eat their young” Definitely sage advice for all in the nursing field!! My advice is to buy this book as it could change your life or the life of those around you!” 

Gaye L. Tyhosky


“Everyone should read this book. Maybe it will bring back civility into society by making people understand their action is inappropriate. Mostly, everyone in the medical field, sociology, and psychology should read also read this book.”


“I would recommend this book to any RN, GN, SN – including those working in administration/management. This book addresses nurse bullying head on and provides real life, actionable solutions.” 

Terri Hoey


“It is said over and over that ” nurses eat their young”. I can’t stand that and am working in my career to correct that lunacy. But the author really delves into the toxicity of that truism and how it spills over into patient care.”


“Excellent book. “Do No Harm Applies to Nurses Too” focuses attention on a real, but mostly silent problem. Every patient, every leader in a hospital should be concerned. Rene Thompson explains why. Care delivery in hospitals has become extremely complex and teamwork is required for patient safety and best outcomes. Bullying not only damages the individual, but also damages the team. Weakening team members weakens the team and harms patients. Renee Thompson provides real life examples and practical tools for individuals and for organizations. I highly recommend this book.”


“In looking at this topics and knowing why this is important, we need to teach this to people even outside nursing. It’s a no wonder there is so much bullying in grade schools these days. We MUST stop the trend!!!! Thanks for this wonderful book.” 

Regina Moudy


“This is a must read book for nursing students, bedside nurses and nurse managers. Bulling has wrapped its insidious tentacles around nursing, the most noble of professions far too long. Finally someone has cared enough to acknowledge this villainous behavior and is insightful enough to devise a blue print for profoundly diminishing the presence and effects of bullying. Renee writes passionately while providing tools and strategies for the bullied and those in positions of authority to positively impact the environment in which nurses work. As a nursing educator I feel an obligation to expose my students to this much needed work in hopes that they will become members of the revolution that Renee has begun with this declaration of independence from bullying. Well done and much needed!”

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